Products and Manufacturers

Loren Cook Company

Loren Cook Company is proud to be the world leader of industrial and commercial fans and blowers. With a commitment of over 60 years, Loren Cook Company believes in superior quality and phenomenal service. In addition, our globally respected ISO 9001 Certification has positioned Loren Cook Company at the very forefront of manufacturing excellence within our industry.


For more than 50 years, Krueger has been dedicated to providing air distribution solutions for the HVAC industry. Our goal has always been to offer a diverse product line. With five manufacturing locations in four states, Krueger is positioned as the leader in manufacturing market quality products with state of the art manufacturing processes.


Ruskin has been the leading manufacturer of dampers and louvers for over 40 years. With a commitment to new innovations and the highest level of quality enabled our products to meet the needs of any application. Ruskin products help make buildings more comfortable and energy efficient. They protect life and property from fire and smoke, and contribute to the beauty of some of the most demanding architectural designs.

Big Ass Fan Company

In 1999, the Big Ass Fan Company was born. Then called the HVLS Fan Co. (that's High Volume, Low Speed), we first made our mark selling massive ceiling fans that spun slowly but moved astounding amounts of air. The fans kept large spaces that lacked air conditioning, such as factories and dairy barns, feeling cool and comfortable—and soon enough, plenty of other customers wanted in. Things moved fast after that (and kept moving). Only a few years later, we officially changed our name after customers kept calling and asking if we made "those big-ass fans."


The company was founded in 1974 with a pioneering idea in developing and introducing the circular in line centrifugal duct fan which has simplified ventilation systems. Our motto “The straight way”, has now extended from a product concept to a business philosophy. Our range has grown ­substantially to span a wide range of energy efficient fans, air handling units, air distribution products, air conditioning, air curtains and heating products. Our products are robust and easy to choose, install and use.

Ruskin Sound Control

Ruskin Sound Control has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of silencers, acoustical panels and thermal panels. With 30 years of experience, Ruskin Sound Control has developed a complete line of acoustical products as well as the experience and knowledge to design product for special applications. Ruskin Sound Control has been installed in a wide variety of applications with engineering assistance provided at every step along the way.


Industry leading Reznor Products include a complete line of heating, makeup air and ventilating systems. Technological development and innovation have been the hallmark of Reznor products through the years.


TRUaire, a leading HVAC register and grille manufacturer began operations in 1984. Our first location was a 35,000 square foot warehouse in Vernon, CA. Today, TRUaire services its nationwide network of customers from four strategically placed Distribution Centers. Our Main Office is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. This facility stocks just over 100,000 square feet of merchandise.

American Louver Company

Say hello to a corrosion-resistant alternative to steel and aluminum. All plastic diffusers. Made from engineered polymers, our Stratus Diffusers are designed to outperform and outlast comparable metal diffusers. In fact, this revolutionary new plastic product won’t rust, fade or corrode due to its unique properties. Plus, it’s a cost-effective option! Available in Cone or Plaque, Stratus Plastic Diffusers also features an extra tall neck for easy installation.

Smog Hog

From 825-22,000 exhaust CFM, Smog Hog is the premier pollution control unit (PCU) utilizing electrostatic precipitator technology (ESP) to remove grease and odors from commercial kitchens. Listed to U.L. STD 710, 867, and COLA RR 8374, Smog Hog PCU’s are over 95% efficient, eliminate costly filter replacements, and can be used for gas fired and solid fuel applications. Indoors or outdoors, Smog Hog is the modular and customizable exhaust solution for urban commercial kitchen exhaust that can be installed in virtually any space and in any building.


S&P is the world’s leading producer of air movement products. S&P manufactures and supplies fans, dampers, louvers and recovery ventilators. These products are used in various industries including residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.


Panasonic is a premier manufacture of quality residential and commercial ventilation fans. Panasonic's reputation for high quality and low noise levels has made their products one of the premier fans in the industry.


Broan-NuTone is North America's largest producer of residential ventilation products such as range hoods, ventilation fans and indoor air quality products.

Air King

Over the forty years Air King has been in business, we have developed something of a reputation... a reputation for manufacturing Quality ventilation products... a reputation for offering our products at a great Value... a reputation for providing excellent Service for our products.

Honeywell Vulcain

Honeywell Vulcain is a world leader in gas detection systems for commercial and industrial applications. Honeywell Vulcain manufactures systems capable of monitoring virtually any gas detection application.


Gripple Seismic and Industrial Hanger products are in use on projects across the globe, delivering time and labor saving innovation to a variety of applications and sectors.


Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of ac drives and motion control products. These Variable Frequency Drives are designed specifically for Building Automation Systems, air handlers, cooling towers, and other commercial fan and pump applications.


FabricAir designs and produces custom air dispersion & air distribution solutions for a wide range of applications. In 1973 we installed the worlds's first fabric ducting system, which heralded a whole new way of thinking within the HVAC indoor climate. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation and proudly deliver superior air dispersion across the globe.

Mars Air Doors

Mars Air Doors offers an excellent choice of commercial grade air curtains designed to greatly enhance your work environment. A wide choice of units is offered for diverse locations such as retail stores and office buildings, restaurants, drive-up windows, hospitals and convalescent homes, concession stands, refrigerated cold storage, clean rooms and more.

Central Blower

Central Blower Company has been a major West Coast manufacturer of air moving equipment since 1964. Central Blower's product line includes forward-curved and backward-inclined centrifugal blowers used in industrial, restaurant and laboratory ventilation.


PMI is a builder and supplier of quality evaporative cooling products to residential, commercial and industrial customers worldwide. Recognized as an industry leader in customer service, product quality and engineering innovation.


Champion Cooler offers the most comprehensive selection of aspen and rigid media residential and light commercial evaporative air coolers in the market. We continue to redefine the standards of quality and innovation in evaporative cooling solutions. In addition to whole home units, we also provide a variety of portable coolers, mobile coolers and window coolers to cover a variety of applications. By using Mother Nature's form of natural cooling, our products are economical (helps save on energy cost), environmentally friendly (no harmful CFCs used) and extremely durable (only top quality parts and materials incorporated).

Spring Air

Spring Air specializes in commercial kitchen ventilation systems. They direct all their resources to provide the most economical and energy efficient ventilation systems available.


Denlar manufactures commercial style fire suppression systems for residential grade appliances. A Denlar hood system offers the highest level of protection available for a residential grade appliance short of a full commercial hood system.


As the premier manufacturer of gas fired infra-red heating equipment, Detroit Radiant Products Company offers an exclusive line of Re-Verber-Ray brand high and low intensity radiant heater of commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential heating applications. 50 years of manufacturing experience and an on-site approved testing laboratory makes Detroit Radiant products an excellent choice.

Marley Engineered Products

Marley Engineered Products and Leading Edge Brand manufacturers quality electric heaters and ceiling fans for both residential and commercial applications.

Metropolitan Air Technology

Since 1992 Metropolitan Air Technology LLC. has combined creative engineering, excellence in manufacturing, and friendly service to offer a unique advantage to our customers. MAT is focused on offering reliable products that are high quality, easy to install, and easy to operate. We have installed over two hundred thousand units to date. Our patented technology gives customers a powerful, one-of-a-kind solution for tough design problems. MAT's Roto-TwistTM line of cable dampers is patented in the US and Canada. International patents are pending.

ATCO Rubber Products

Wherever you do business, if flex duct is a part of your ability to succeed, rely on ATCO Rubber Products to be a trusted and reliable partner. You can expect the best from ATCO. By offering flex duct in multiple R-Value choices, ATCO covers the full range of thermal efficiency requirements anywhere in the world. That is why ATCO products have found homes in some very notable and prestigious projects over the years.


Elmdor/Stoneman is proud serve the non-residential construction market with high-volume, low cost, quality access doors, roof flashings and roof hatches. Today, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of access doors, roof flashings, roof hatches, and trisolators.

Mez Industries

Mez Industries has been providing the HVAC industry with high quality duct system connection components for over ten years. Since our foundation in 1992, Mez Industries has taken pride in designing and manufacturing new and innovative products to save our customers money and reduce onsite installation times.


The industry's broadest line of energy-efficient electric motors and adjustable speed drives.

Design Polymerics

Design Polymerics has been developing and manufacturing sealants and adhesives since 1985. Their quality products and commitment to customers is reflected in the continuous growth of their product lines.

Duro Dyne

Duro Dyne has evolved into the leading manufacturer of sheet metal accessories and equipment for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.


Raywall designs and manufactures electric heating equipment and electronic controls for industrial and commercial applications.


Vents is a European manufacturer of innovative fan products for residential and commercial products. The company manufactures 99% of their more than 28,000 products and they maintain a complete inventory of products in the USA.

CalDyn California Dynamics Corporation

CalDyn is a manufacturer of quality vibration isolation and seismic protection products for mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment.